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Brown Recluse MkII

uploaded by Ross 11 months ago

Inspired by the new zones, I redesigned my most popular machine! It can drive on walls, it can fly, and it has a grabber arm for added versatility. In the demo video, you can see it beat Relict Frost, Consumed King, some of the tougher previous zones, and two of Shade's flying challenges!

You can also try it on the Steam Workshop:


Driving = Arrows or TFGH
Downforce = Right Ctrl or X
Lift = Right Shift or Z

Flying = IJKL
Lift = B
Downforce = V

Grabber arm forward = { or numpad 8
Grabber arm back = " or numpad 5
Grabber = } or numpad 9

Cameras = 1 and 2

*Hold Forward+Left+Right for more speed!

The flying controls are a bit unusual, since I had to get creative to fit the necessary mechanisms into a compact car.

Taking off, and leaning forward and back to change speed, work about the same as in most helicopters. But some other maneuvers work differently:

Gliding - The rotors function as wings even when they're not on, so controlling altitude is surprisingly easy. The easiest way to fly, is to tilt forward to gain forward speed, then shut off the rotors and steer the machine like a glider. Before you turn the rotors back on for more lift, make sure make sure the machine is near level, so you don't get pulled off course.

Landing - When landing, you'll be safe as long as you land flat. You can even land quickly by running the rotors in reverse for downforce, which makes landing in a precise area easier.

Steering - Rather than having separate roll and yaw controls, this machine only has one aerial steering control. Initially, steering tilts the machine to one side. The machine has more sideways drag in the back than the front, so the faster you're going, the faster the yaw adjusts to your new direction. At very slow speeds, you can inch to one side with little change in the direction you're facing. At higher speeds, the machine handles more like an airplane.

Happy climbing, lifting, and flying!
posted by Asdfmatt 11 months ago
you've impressed us once again Ross!!
posted by Ross 11 months ago
Thanks, Matt!