How do I use a .bsg file?

Heavy MKI

uploaded by ZEDD2317 11 months ago

F/G/H - movement
arrow keys - turret
"/" - cannon
","/"." - crossbows
the ton of tank posts triggered me to post some of my own
light tank for comparison can also be found on my page
posted by ADBOS 11 months ago
helo I'm adbos nice tank but the tank is made in gearmany and its called tigger its a heavy tank invated in 1942 as I thing in the world war 2
posted by ZEDD2317 11 months ago
well i based it on the tiger II, but it isnt. because the tiger 2 (king tiger) has slanted side armor which i can't seem to put because it glitches the tracks and makes it unable to move and the turret is a mix of the henschel and porsche turret of the tiger II. correction it was designed in 1943 and produced till 1945.