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"Compact" I4 Steam Engine/Car Transformer

uploaded by Dzytizz 11 months ago

I tried building a small engine (without rescaling/mods in general) but unpinned it by mistake and saw that it's flywheel worked as a makeshift wheel. Modified it a bit and it became a proper car. It has 5-7 steam cannons per cylinder stacked into one place so it has enough torque to drive itself as a car. Aditionally, bug happens and deflected steam/water work as some sort of jet propulsion (while the law of conservation of energy states that total energy of an isolated system remains constant, in this case steam deflecting from pistons shouldn't create another driving force ^^). Invincibility and infinite ammo is needed. Unpin it before starting engine if you want to drive it as a car. Controls:
Left/right arrow - steering.
P - unpin.
Y - start engine/ignition.
posted by Asdfmatt 11 months ago
this is actually really cool dude