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Destroyer mk. 3

uploaded by Asdfmatt 11 months ago

hiya guys

This is the third entry in my destroyer series (I only named it that cause i was a naive child and I'm too lazy to come up with a new name). i feel like this one is really good. I'm proud of it. its a way better iteration than the second one (at least that's what i think). both machines mentioned here will be linked down below, please check them out if you have the time, i think they're really cool! (plus i feel like those should've gotten just a tiny bit more downloads)

C O N T R O L S :

Arrows to move

F / G to roll - press h while pressing g to launch the bomb forward
- press f while firing op water cannons to aim them upwards (useful when destroying freighters)

E - back water cannon (useful for boosting)
R - front water cannon
T - both WC's (also activates fan for down force)
Y - to turn on fan only (useful for wall climbing)
H - grabber

this machine is vEry sturdy. almost as strong as the original (again, please check it out linked below). can withstand all the bombs you want it to(just not all at the same time) you can drive while the water cannons are on, if you want to move more smoothly turn off the fan by pressing y while cannons are already on. the water cannons don't fire directly forward because when i did try to make them fire forward it veered to the left while driving. i used the grabber trick to make the fan invincible. this is the 6th time I've re-uploaded this due to my indecisiveness

original destroyer :

destroyer mk. 2 :
posted by Asdfmatt 11 months ago
oof the front left wheel is set to 12 speed while all the others are at 10. just copy and paste the settings of the front left wheel to the others.