How do I use a .bsg file?

Armored Car

uploaded by WolfGamerBg 11 months ago

This thing is 100% fire/arrow etc proof and 90% bomb proof because sometimes wheels brake from explosions this thing can almost complete ipsilon by it self tho for the 3 castles and 2nd monument u need diff vehicles.

Z and X to control cannon y for flamethrowers

Arrow keys for movement.

Enjoy :D
posted by WolfGamerBg 11 months ago
rip picture .... man i love this creation and the picture had to rip .......
posted by 9spaceking 10 months ago
well done! I like how it can survive area 28 (Surrounded) without a single scratch! Even the Martyr Knights take a very long time to break it...
posted by WolfGamerBg 3 months ago
ha LOL told ya its armored af