How do I use a .bsg file?

Destroyer mk. 4 Hover Variant

uploaded by Asdfmatt 7 months ago


back with another destroyer (because why not). my developing process is very weird. i spend a relatively long time on a machine and then continue to upgrade and proof-test it for days at a time. i built this like the day before yesterday oof.

C O N T R O L S :

up for forward - fan
down for backwards - water cannons
T for boost - water cannons
F / G for roll
Y for op flamethrowers
H to ungrab

this is mainly a ramming focused machine. believe me this machine is sturdy as all hell even stronger than the first one.


-to launch yourself in the air, press f until pointed at your chosen target, then press T to launch yourself (this process is very difficult but when mastered is very useful against freighters and such)

-to throw the bomb: press hold g and then press g (bomb is supposed to go below the machine dont worry it wont explode), you can also throw it backwards by holding f then pressing e, then you can throw it forwards in a kind of underhand way by holding f until the bomb gets under the machine and then press h. get all that?

-to simply launch the bomb forward, press f for a vEry short amount of time and then press T+H.

thats it see you next time (whenever that is am i right?)
posted by Asdfmatt 7 months ago
-to throw the bomb press and hold g then press *h
see what i meant in my last post?
posted by Asdfmatt 7 months ago
also forget that you have to press f for a very short amount of time. point it to wherever you want its very useful against freighters
posted by Asdfmatt 7 months ago
and that laser pillar thingy