How do I use a .bsg file?

BMH-Titan Mk1

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 10 months ago


N, M - Walk Forward
Left/ Right Arrow Keys - Yaw
H, J/ K, L - Waist & Arm
C - Cannon
B - Pin Mode
F, G - Camera Mode

I miss building Mech like this, So I decided to build one Mechsuit with some of the techniques that I've known, The Mech has two BES Stabilizer and two Overflow Vacuum Glitch System to make the machine work as fine, the Mech has only equipped with one x6.00 cannon, I'm trying to gave it a larger gun with a power of x10 but it will make the machine harder to aim properly because of its shakiness, but thanks to the Vacuum Glitch it could now reduce its shakiness while aiming, the Mech has a lot of drawback because I still use the old style of making Mech with grabbers on the foot which you press two keys to go forward, The Mech couldn't aim while it moves, the accuracy was poor, and its hard to control the Mech while your timescale was on the 40 to 20%, that while I'm making a video for the Mech it took me 2 hours of filming the Machine because its in the 6% of timescale and the game was laggy, Maybe next time I'll modify the machine to give it a Recoiless gun and ability to hover on the ground.

For those who don't have steam just copy the link and download the skin

When you're done open the folder and copy the folders then go to "Besiege_Data" and open "Skins"
and import those files and you're done.
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