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Firefly Glider level completing variant

uploaded by Asdfmatt 10 months ago

hey there


so all i did with this version is set it on the ground, turned it over and added a grabber-bomb ,or rather as ross calls it, a rather garish hood ornament (nose ornament?) future me again. replaced the wooden pole with a spring just like the normal version.

C O N T R O L S :

T / G for pitch
F / H for roll
Y for grabber

to take off, hold g until the nose of the plane is tilted a little towards the ground and then press t.
to throw the bomb right at the beginning, press y when the nose is at its peak

i managed to beat 28 out of 42 levels with this version which is much more than i did with just the normal firefly

so yeah good morning/afternoon/evening/night also you might wanna check out besiege downloads example link for the accompanying videos. all i can say is besiege download's devs are amazing
posted by Asdfmatt 10 months ago

i see that this one has more downloads than the normal version, maybe because people think "oh these are just the same this one just has a bomb on the front" WRONG the propellers on the front are turned at different degrees! please download the other one too it offers a very different and better flying experience. it gains altitude way slower than this one because i didn't have a bomb in mind when i made it, therefore you have to exert way less effort on correcting the other one's flight. basically when this one loses the bomb it gains massive altitude making it way harder (but still pretty easy) to fly, compared to the other one. this one is better for levels but the other one is just better for overall flying. phew that was a lot.
posted by Asdfmatt 10 months ago
basically i tilted this one's front propellers higher for better flight when the bomb is STILL on