How do I use a .bsg file?

Ch-Xw 003

uploaded by UnmodedMih 10 months ago

The Thumbnail not show how this Walker move.
This Walker Is Really Slow. So beware.
-Forward : Sequence H; G & H; G Then sequence B; V & B; V And start over : H; G . H; G. B; V. B; V. H; G. H; G. B; V. B; V, ... (Do Slow)
-Reverse : There is no clue to Reverse.
-Turn Left/ Right : < and > (The Walker's Steering work just like the Car's Steering. So After Steering, You have to Forward to Turn)
-Head Left/ Right : Q and E.
-Head Up/ Down : Z and X.
-Main Cannon Shoot : R.
-Rocket Shoot : T.
Press "M" After Start Simulation.
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