How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by madman 10 months ago

123 blocks
Arrow keys to control
TFGH to control the turret
C to fire main cannon
R to straighten the cannon(facing forward)
LShift/LCtrl to close/open hatch
X for shrapnel cannon
Rshift to toggle suspension

Pretty hard to make, but the design isn't very good, huh?
Don't fire your main cannon too fast, it will broke the central bones
If you wanna climb some mountain, open your hatch, it will make your COG lower
posted by madman 10 months ago
no need to worry about straighten anything, it will straighten every time you close the hatch
posted by OrangIndo 10 months ago
Btw kartu w masa aktifnya abis. Belom beli lagi. Klo mo wa an sementara g bisa.