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Plane Vanilla

uploaded by Ross 7 months ago

I set out to build the best aircraft I could with the very first version of Besiege, and this was the result.

You can download it here, or subscribe at the Steam Workshop.

In the demo video, I build the plane, and mention some of the challenges of designing an aircraft in v0.01. Then I demo the plane in a few zones, and a couple of Shade's maps.

T = Forward
F and H = Lift and Steering
X = Grabber

The unconventional control scheme might seem strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, I think you'll find the handling simple and intuitive. The controls are all actively powered rather than passively using aerodynamics, so you have a lot of control even at very low speed.

The plane starts perched on a bomb, so you'll want to take off right away with both forward and lift. It tends to pitch down slowly as you go, and you correct as desired using F and H for lift. The one thing that could take some getting used to, is that turning also causes you to pitch up, so you might have to plan for that if your course doesn't offer much spare room.

I designed this plane for the user to drop the bomb before landing, but as I show in the video, you can land on the bomb if you like to live dangerously. Or you can delete the bomb and grabber and put a cannon there instead.

Happy Flying!
posted by IVADMA 7 months ago
Nice challenge !
Personally i have always preferred building planes with this metod instead of the aerodynamics , it's easier , faster , and more usefull .