How do I use a .bsg file?

f-18 notfighter jet

uploaded by Treckit 7 months ago

J: primary propeller
K/L: additional thrust (use L to decrease speed)
M/N: landing gear
Comma/Period: landing gear cover on/off
Arrow keys: pitch and roll
F/G: cameras

I'm pubblishing this plane principally becouse i wanted to share some gears that can improve a lot the reactivity of a plane. The first one is inside the fuselage (it moves lift by changing the position of two small wings), the other is in the font part of the main wings: it's made up of just some sort of flap that uses not only piston movement but also apparent wind obtained by plane motion.

The plane itself is almost useless :D
posted by Treckit 7 months ago
I forgot to write that if you want to see the difference that these things make, just delete them and se what happens