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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

uploaded by FrancisIbay 8 months ago

It may not be as perfectly as it should be but it will do the job done
I am trying to be as simple as possible without using skins so it can be available to all :)
It can be updated when I learn more about it :)
It could be useful if you read the whole description :)
It has a ugly front end to be honest hehehe
double suspension on each side because I predicted it that it can be heavy

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited
4x4, can be drive as 2x4 rear wheel drive
disconnected front and rear sway bar (still learning how to do the connected thingy :) )
Rear locker diff ( also still learning for the front since it is steered to other directions) so it is a open front diff
Has a high ground clearance
It is wide enough for offroading
can climb approximately in 45degree angle, in your computers view
It is mid weight heavy

I will explain why there are 2 small wheels in the inner part and the 1 big wheel

1st the small unpowered wheel serve as the balance power to the big wheel so it won't be too powerful when you drive it, and I may considered it as TORQUE. the physics is that the bigger the diameter, the more force(correct me if this is wrong).

2nd the small powered wheel, same as the first but here you can modify the power of that wheel from zero to 2.0, I may consider this as the HORSEPOWER. For example, this creation I make the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, Since I mention from the above that it can be drive as a 2x4, try to observe what is different from the front and rear small powered wheels.

3rd The big wheel, same as the 1st, it is just less useful like doing the 20% of its job because the two small wheels are already making 100% to function the vehicle.

To its logic:
1.) XY for the big wheel must be always .20 bigger than the small wheels, unless if you're building a drift car
example: big wheel: 1.00, small wheels .80 just remember the logic of the bigger the diameter, the more power/force
2.) when it moves from start, the big whl basically turns forward and the 2 small wheels turns in the opposite ( because the small powered wheel is tryin to fight back the small unpowered wheel so the vehicle can move faster), when the vehicle is starting to gain speed, the small powered wheel will turn slowly same as the big wheel in order to reach the maximum power, last, when it reaches to the maximum speed, the small powered wheel is already as the same speed rotation as the big wheel means the maximum horsepower is already used, and the small unpowered will will stop or rotate slowly is also means you reach its maximum torque.
note: everything what i have said here is from experience so feel free to help me improve so I can create more offroad vehicles :)
you can communicate with me by messaging me from my gmail

Controls: up, down, left and right
to engage in 4x4: the key is period " . "

Email: [email protected]
my next project will be the Ford Raptor or The Ram Powerwagon
I'm still at college so it will take take time to create it but it won't be long :)
yah still learning so press the like button if you like it and communicate with me if you think there are things to be updated, Thank you very much :)

posted by PETkaCZE 8 months ago
Super Durable!
Almost 100% Vannila.
Great job!
posted by FrancisIbay 8 months ago
Thank You :) well appreciated :)
I might already start the next project since there are still no any exams approaching :)
posted by PETkaCZE 8 months ago
It is super good at off road!
It can climb huge hills!
posted by FrancisIbay 7 months ago
I will post my new creation on Wednesday maybe at night, GMT+8
Ford Raptor 2018 model
I will focus more on the baja mode because I don't think that there are other production truck except for the ZR2 hehe. It will be AWD, more power to the front for better maneuver. . . . . uhm well i can upload 2 versions of it in the same time, 1st this one the baja version and 2nd is almost likely the same as this jeep :)
thats all need to study now :) and sorry if i'm bad at grammar hehe atleast you all understand what i am saying :)
posted by FrancisIbay 7 months ago
Uploaded new creation
posted by YassineMens53 7 months ago
try making a mercedes 4x4
posted by FrancisIbay 7 months ago
YassineMens53, sure that will be the next. It is the Gwagon do you mean?