How do I use a .bsg file?

Slow Moving Aipship With three cannons

uploaded by googling_google 7 months ago

Just a bored teenager lamenting his near loss of sanity due to being sequestered in a remote but yet on-grid cabin.

Once this creation is downloaded into your tabletop computer machine, the name of thine downloaded file will be named: light transport ship.bsg

vade mecum

Press the up arrow to face thine propellers to the heaven but if thee desired to be back to thine devons, press arrow down.
Press the left arrow to turn sinistral, for travelling the opposite, press right arrow.

IF thou desired an evil deed ye needs to press one; two and three to activate thee cannons.

Ye be heeded for thine balloon may be bleeded and expire at random moments upon thine involvement with the startup.

have fun, have fun and god be with ye.
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