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Ford F150 Raptor Baja Mode Version

uploaded by FrancisIbay 7 months ago

Hey guys! Im uploading two versions of the Ford Raptor
No skins for availability to all

AWD (All wheel Drive)
Suspension tuned for Baja mode
Has enough Ground Clearance, just know if the break angle can go over it(little higher than the offroad version)
Mid weight vehicle
uhm can jump hehe

-For those who are curious of the wheels, check my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon creation explanation
-Im sorry for the delay for uploading this creation, our school just had a major event for 3 days and im part of it as an event organizer, hope you understand guys
-I uploaded the offroad Version of it too, try to check it out
-comment for any suggestion :)
-Still ugly looking vehicle hehe

posted by FrancisIbay 7 months ago
BTW I ran it at 40% speed
posted by FrancisIbay 6 months ago
Will upload The Mercedes G wagon Later, I'm still at school