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AD-71 MkX Swan

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 7 months ago


Arrow Keys - Pitch/ Roll
O - Acceleration
Right Ctrl - Speed Boost
C - Cannon
V - Crossbow Machine gun
1, 3 - Drop Vaccum Missile
2, 4 - Activate Vacuum Missile
H, J - Bombs
F, G - Camera Mode

The "AD-40 Rapier" Was the fastest and the most agile aircraft I could ever have, but poorly armed with two crossbow machine guns and 8 bombs for destroying fully armored vehicles, but today this one could might take down any target and it was fast and agile too, Meet the MkX Swan, This plane takes a forward swept wing design with a long fuselage and armed with an x11 Cannon, Single Crossbow Machine gun, 4 Bombs, and 4 Vacuum Missiles, I've tested this plane for several times and me realise that Its cannon was not good of taking down small ground targets that you could only immobilize some tanks or light vehicles because when you're trying to aim to the ground target it changes immediately that you need to arrange it before you could ever close to the target, but for some reasons this plane was a efficient bomber interceptor and it could hit its target much better, Although I've never tested this plane on 1v1 dogfight because its hard to control another plane on the same keyboard and my Internet connection was bad that I rarely play with someone, but if you're a big jerk just the Vacuum Missile instead because Vacuum Missile are the most overpowered vanilla weapon in the game, Unlike the AD-40 Rapier its much capable on moving on tight obstacles but the Swan can't because its acceleration was fast and its hard to manuever quickly so the Swan was more on an open area which he could maneuver much freely, But anyway for you guys who ever played this plane on the multiverse PvP, Please give me some feedbacks that how good or bad it was So next time I could make better than the MkX Swan.

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