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Balcon 9 (NOT FALCON 9)

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 6 months ago


1, 2, 3 - Launch stages
Arrow keys - RCS Thrusters
Right Ctrl - Air Break
Right Shift - Landing Legs
3 - Air Break (For the Capsule)
F, G, T - Camera Mode

I suppose to build a BFR, But it was hard and complex and I don't know if I could make it successfully and I went to this, this one suppose to be just a draft build but until I decided to turn it into a magnificent rocket or a catastrophic rocket, Well here you go a one meme rocket that some other KSP players love to make, anyway for what is my experience on this rocket I'll tell it was hard to play this thing, because you need to get focus on the Booster and the Capsule Module at the same time to make the small mission to complete, also take note for the people who want to play this on multiverse multiplayer that make sure your friend had the mod "Custom Scene Mod" installed at his or her server because the Balcon 9 was flying on the much higher altitude like a real rocket, So what's about the other stuff on this rocket, the Rocket has a landing legs like the real Falcon 9 and a Second Stage that has some single booster to bring the capsule into space, and Third was the Capsule that can be recovered by pressing or Hold "3" to reduce the Impact, That's what I only know on this Rocket I know it wasn't 100% accurate to the real thing and it was poorly made, but at least it does work well and since it was Balcon 9 I would say it is a joke build because even though it looks like it does't work, it still works and it was funny, So maybe someday I turn this into "BALCON HEAVY" that carries fnom3's Tesla Car.

Skin Used:

Laser Mod AKA Fiao Combined Mod: (Optional)

Besiege Custom Scene Mod: (Optional)
posted by Kurtzwagen35 5 months ago
Should be more like "Bacon 9" :
;D had some laughs reading the name
posted by Blitsplatapus 5 months ago
@Kurtzwagen35 Good one XD