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Formula Off-Road concept

uploaded by sazabi2001 8 months ago

Inspired by Formula Off-Road, basic ramping climber vehicle. Solid front and rear axle with extended leading / trailing arm, center-twisting frame and extra structure for the front section for weight-transfer when ramping-up. All axles reinforced so it should be able to withstand some impact. Not the perfect design but should be fun.

Note: it is a ramping-up design not raming design, so try not to hit the wall. Keep the balance and use the momentum to go up, good steering will help too. When using correctly it can climb up an incline angle about / over 70 degree. One weakness is to remain the Return-To-Center capability while keeping the stiffness and light-weight of the steering mechanism, it trade-off some turning radius.

Update: Just release some freedom of motion in the center frame.
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