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Tatra 813 Off-road truck, 8X8, 6-wheel steering

uploaded by sazabi2001 7 months ago

Improved version of 8X8 Off-Road truck based on Tatra-813 'Kolos' (Colossus), with 6-wheel-steering and Return-To-Center (1, 2 & 4, just like the real T813). Fully flexible Back-Bone-Chassis & all-independent swing suspension (real T813 is rigid chassis). The steering mechanism is stiffened, and served as the leading / trailing arm to reinforce main axles, which provides extra stability when suspension under large compression. The overall design has also improved, the center-of-mass is placed as low as possible for a truck build, rearranged the balance with slightly head-heavy to push the front-wheel down for traction, especially useful for high incline angle climbing
This is yet the most complex land-vehicle design in my page, and easily one of the most capable off-roaders without any mod, just like the real Tatra 813. Soft suspension setup with multi-wheel steering is very easy to drive and has great control during climbing. Slow approach and keep balance like driving a real truck, it can climb to the top of most mountains in the standard 'Barren Expanse' map.
Note, the 6-Wheel steering build will have 320 blocks, which is unnecessarily heavy and fragile in exchange for better control.

Update: new youtube vedio
posted by PETkaCZE 7 months ago
This vehicle is from Czech republic and im too from CZE.!