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Toyota 222D Group-S Rally car wth MacPherson strut

uploaded by sazabi2001 7 months ago

4X4 off-road vehicle build based on the 1986-1987 Toyota MR2 - 222D Group-S rally car, which in the real world it never had a chance to race. Improved from the original buggy build, now uses true MacPherson strut on all 4 wheels. Previous strut type suspension I built resemble more to the swing-axle or semi-trailing-arm style, true MacPherson strut suspension should use the spring/shock axle as the pivoting point for steering too. Therefore this type of suspension requires minimum parts, hinges, and space while simpler and stronger than others yet still remains as an independent suspension, both true in game and in the real world. Perhaps the only suspension stronger than MacPherson strut would be the solid axle, which does not have independent motion.
In the world, more than 80% small passenger cars use MacPherson strut suspension, including true sports car like Porsche 911, but in the game it is not popular. Compare to another 'common' design double-wish-bone suspension in game, the MacPherson strut can have much smaller package yet stronger and requires less spring load. By making use of the spring axle, the pivoting point and spring connection point will be much closer to the wheels than other design, hence the structure is stronger.
The downside of MacPherson strut is that it doesn't always guarantee wheel-to-floor contact angle, just like all strut-type suspension, so it does tend to have poorer handling, both in the game and in the real world.
This is not a climber build, which MacPherson strut isn't suitable to begin with. It is more of a quick racer build that can withstand some abuse. Like the first generation Toyota MRS, its rear axle was actually another front axle stolen from some bigger Toyota family car, and the steering was kept in the rear too (though the rear wheel of the real MR2 doesn't turn). Also like the 1st gen MR2, it is quick but challenging to handle. Have fun.

Update: 1) reduce the suspension stiffness, 2) improved the steering a little, now it has some NFS style handling.
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