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Honda Civic Type-R FK2 with HiPer strut suspension

uploaded by sazabi2001 7 months ago

Based on the short-lived 2015-2017 Honda Civic Type-R (Europe version FK2), it may be the most hated Type-R in the history, both for fans and non-fans. But it has an unusual front suspension setup, evolved from the MacPherson strut, it separates the lower pivoting point of the spring axis move to the inner wheel, hence improve the handling.

In Besiege it is impossible to place the lower pivoting point inside the wheel, but it is possible that move the upper pivoting point on a strut suspension as far out as possible, yet still keep the spring attachment and pivoting block is the same rigid group, hence the concept still stands.

In the short word, this can make the suspension and steering as close as possible to the real world, while still keeping the overall build simple and compact.

So this build has the same HiPer Strut in the front and torsion beam in the rear, just like the suspension of an FK2 Civic Type-R. Also, it uses the latest RTC steering mechanism I just came up with, which release more freedom of motion while still being small and strong.
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