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Vanilla High-speed aircraft with turbine and RTC

uploaded by sazabi2001 8 months ago

Full Vanilla High-speed aircraft design improved based on my previous version.

New improvement included:
1), Bigger engine, now 3+3 rotor wheels, slightly increase airspeed. (Speed limit by stability)
2), Reduce lift / even higher wing load for stability. Now the flight characteristic similar to F104 or X15
3), Reinforce all airfoils for better stability.
4), Rebalance the engine and weight/lift distribution, the rudder is fixed motion activated with 'O' mode

Other specs:
Keep the original minimum design, with now 85 blocks (only 5 more than the previous version), but greatly improves the stability and more controllable.
Keep the original Elevon control design, 2-way RTC control (pitch and roll) with 2 motions on the same sets of airfoils. The elevator is slightly improved and with more freedom of motion now.
Keep the original 'P' mode (45-degree turbine blade) and 'O' mode (25-degree), the 'P' mode now is slightly slower due to the increased weight, 'O' mode more-or-less the same speed but much more controllable (but still sensitive).
Even higher wing-load results a harder landing, that's a drawback. But still, save to land..
The sensitivity of control has been reduced, less maneuverable but much easier to fly.
Bigger engine also results in even more vibration, sorry cant help the shake.
Landing gears work as counterweights for balancing, so retract the gear results in much better control.
Fly straight, usually hit the wall in about 15 seconds; fly straight up, usually hit the frozen zone in about 15 sec too.
Not weaponry, cant increase weight anymore.

Control keys remain the same
Arrows for basic direction.
'P - high power' mode and 'O - low drag' mode by pressing 'P' and 'O' key in toggle mode
'I' to retract landing gear and 'U' to extends.
'F' for camera.

Have fun, comments are welcome.
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