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Ram 1500 Powerwagon

uploaded by FrancisIbay 8 months ago

Hey guys! This my another creation, Ram 1500 powerwagon
here are the specs

-4x4, can be drive as 2x4 rear wheel drive
-disconnected front sway bar (still learning how to do the connected thingy :) )
-Rear locker diff ( also still learning for the front since it is steered to other directions) so it is a open front diff
-Has a high ground clearance
-It is wide enough for offroading
-can climb approximately in 45degree angle, in your computers view
It is mid weight heavy
-For those who are curious of the wheels, check my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon creation explanation

-it is longer than my Ford raptor creation

Controls: up, down, left and right
to engage in 4x4: the key is period " . "

My next project will be the Land Rover Disovery LR4, i will try to learn about the air suspension

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