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uploaded by KryzTec 8 months ago

A Brand new series in the Airtruck Industry, the Airtruck-t250!

A not so simple aircraft that would be hard to control, but not too complex to lag your computer in 100%! It do not uses any mods or what so ever! A short wingspan and short length making it capable on fitting on the box without any compromise in stability, speed, or power! This plane also supports auto cruising, auto landing, and auto take off so that you can fly this plane more comfortably.

Procedures to fly the t250

How to take off: Press 3, 2, 1 in that order.
Upon take off: Press g to retract the gears and 2 to retract the front gear's piston.
In flight controls: Right & left arrow button to roll, up and down button to pitch; T and G to control the pitch stabilizers.
How to land: Press 3 and t to decrease speed, press h and 2 when the plane almost land.
Upon landing: Press 1 to stop. If you would like to move the plane, press 3 and control the movement with the right and left arrow button and then press 2.

Button manuals:

1 : Fast speed
2 : Controls the front gear's piston
3 : Speed
4 : Reverse Speed
Right arrow: Roll Right
Left arrow : Roll left
Up arrow : Pitch down
Down arrow : Pitch left
t : increase pitch stabilizers
f : First person perspective
g : Decrease pitch stabilizers and retract gears
h : Gears down

I recommend you guys to try this aircraft in Barren Expanse first to get use to the controls or to test it when added guns.
Unfortunately, I haven't equip this aircraft with guns, if you would like to, go for it. But remember, adding some weight to the aircraft may make it incapable of taking off. If it doesn't take off, add some more aerodynamic propeller on the aircraft's fuselage, and adjust the degrees of the pitch stabilizers to cruise normally.

Please like and download the plane and if i hit 100 downloads, i will create another aircraft. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, questions or concerns about the aircraft, and hopefully I will respond as fast as I can.

Good Luck and have a safe flight!

Some credit to Shade who taught me how to make flying aircraft. (I watched her tutorials)
posted by KryzTec 8 months ago
Do not hesitate to comment, question, or concern about this aircraft. I will respond as soon as i can.