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Spitfire Mk.22 v2.0 (UPDATE)

uploaded by smokearrow 4 months ago

Hello pilots!
Test your flight skills with this new update of Spitfire Mk.22.
Take control of the new easy-to-fly, hard-to-master plane.
Check out the video made especially for the art of flying the Spitfire.

Yaw- 7/9- numpadkeys
Rol- 4/6- numpadkeys
Pitch- 5/9- numpadkeys
Engine start: T
Engine throttle: Y/U
Landing gears: Z\X
Machine guns: C
Camera: F

About the plane:
Everything is reworked! (243 blocks)
New Engine, props,wings,tail etc...
Flies way better than the old model.
Excellent roll, stability, maneuverability and engine power!
The plane is very realistic- this means you need to fly it carefully, energy saving is recommended.
Sharp turns will kill speed!!!
Keep the speed above 90m/s and use slight adjustments with the controls.
Be aware of stalling. 110m/s+ to finish a loop without stalling.
If you stall: hold 5 numkey and the plane will level itself.
If you like it please leave a like.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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