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DAZAH-5000 & AX-1 Ulfberht

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 4 months ago


Arrow Keys - Move
<, > - Missile Preparation deployment
P/ {, } - Activate Radar
Z, X/ C, V - Turret 1
B - Dual-Crossbow Machine gun
? - Launch Missile
Left Alt - Camera Mode

(AX-1 Ulfberht)

T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
J - Activate Detonation
U - Camera Mode

This is might be my very first missile vehicle which is heavy and bulky its hard to turn, but for me it is one of the kind my best build so far, it has large radar that can be activated which is useless, but it has a deployable missile which is, of course, you could launch it and the missile itself is controllable that you could aim this missile directly to your target ease and detonate the deadliest weapon in game, also to be warned to you guys that its missile would affect you if you're in its blast radius, but if you're playing this at the Sandbox Map only if you're edge of the map, it won't affect you only the possible destructible debris on the map and making saved your vehicle from the blast.

[Main Color]
Fatigue Green -
Green Dark Gray -
Pine Green -
Cold White -
Warm Orange -
Bluish Gray -
Bracecube Black -

Gray Wolf -
Skull -

[Skins from others]
Nameless Glass Skin by "Dudeman" -
Wheel Pack part 3 by "Fnom3" -
MUD Wheel by "dimmon3991" -
Weapon Pack part 3 by "Akahige33" -
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