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AX-1 Ulfberht

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 4 months ago


T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
K - Launch
J - Detonate
U - Camera

If you only want the missile and you don't like lag, well, today you're a lucky kid, So here's the AX1 Ulfberht Ballistic Missile which it could go on a short distance because I want this one to be playable at the Sandbox, Barren Expanse, and Multiverse just to bring tears to your poor friend who just wants to play with you, but I know you didn't care about the missile because its just so simple and basic and overpowered and It might be an instrument of cyberbullying in besiege which is cancerous and you forcing your friend to quit the game, Just use it wisely and don't use it from a 9 years old kids, just don't okay.

[Main Colors]
Cold White -
Warm Orange -
Bracecube Black -

Sterling Silver by Shadé -
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