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AX-2 Conventional Ballistic Missile

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 4 months ago


1, 2 - Stages
Arrow Keys/ <, > - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
U - Camera Mode

Well this one was just very simple just launching the rocket in the sky and releasing the payload and "Kaboom" and that was it, By the way, it is my very first ballistic missile with a conventional explosive inside to increase the radius of damage.

Take note the warhead could only deal about 40% of damage so don't expect that it could destroy many houses.

[My Skins]
Red Copper -
Bracecube Black -
Cold White -
Pattern(BlackWhite) -
DarkGraySteel -

[Skin from others]
Sterling Silver by Shadé -
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