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AR-B100 ausf.Zb3 Medium Bomber

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 4 months ago

Pitch,Roll,Yaw : arrow keys
Engine: Z
Bombs: 1/2

Actually Arado AR-234 ended up with a way different design
so i decided to call it AR-B100 ausf.Zb3 as an alternate ver. of it
its armed with 4 bombs.
Also its my first flyable Plane on besiege and it flys very good (in my opinion)
this took me 2-3 hours to build even for this sice it was hard to build
block count is a bit over 100
also tell me how it is :DD


used jet black and bora texture pack

Have Fun and see ya next time ^^
posted by KusanagiYuu 4 months ago
here we go (just a reupload of the plane with the fix..... just if someone is wondering :P )