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AR-B100 ausf.Zb4 Heavy Bomber

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago

Well well.....
AR-B100 blah blah blah.....ausf.Zb4 ....TWINTAIL.....MORE BOMBS(actually 2more mkes 6 in total)
FASTER aaannnnd ....some kinda small machine guns like...4 in total (actually crossbows)
well well......
Bombs: 1,2,3
Pitch, Roll, Yaw: arrow keys
comma, perriod

txture pack is ww2 pack and jet black
posted by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago
uhhh wrong picture though........ooops
hehe..... :P
posted by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago
engine is Z btw
forgot that .... sry
posted by IVADMA 6 months ago
Good plane ! I'll probably use some of its aspects on my future planes , i never tought to do the wings like that with the black skin on the wing panel so that it don't look ugly