How do I use a .bsg file?

(REWORK)Dreadnought Class Destroyer

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago

Used turrets are from Blitsplatipus
since im not able or still learning how to build any kind of turrets
anyways this is a rework of the ship since i wasnt happy with the overall look of it
and messed up the repost with the wrong bsg file
this time it got some more turrets
2x anti aircraft turrets
6x small turrets
and one big turret which got transplanted from blits Amx tank
Crossbows: z,u/i,o [Y]
Small turrets: n,m/comma, perriod [X][V]
Big turret: h,j/k,l [C] cam [F]
move: arrow keys

posted by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago
one thing 1K+ Blocks so beware if u have potato pc ....... i can only play it at 10% speed lol.....XD