How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by anonymous 6 months ago

it can't move with gravity,u/i/o/p/[/k/l/; is to control moving,c/v/b/n, is to control the weapon, do not press b/n before you open the lid, / and right shift(the small one) is used to open the left lid, q/e is used to open the right lid, t/y is used to use the propeller, up arrow and down arrow is to control(turn) the propeller(make sure you turn the propeller to the right side when you open it), left and right arrow is to control the close combat weapon, and you can press v to drop the close combat weapon(if you want), this is my first machine I use about 30 minutes to create it, hope you enjoy it :-) .
the story of it:
On October 13, 0081, in view of the constant riots of the Zion Party, the Federal Parliament voted to pass the EFF reconstruction plan to prevent the war from coming again. On the 20th, as part of the reconstruction plan, under the auspices of Lieutenant General John Gaoyun, Anaheim Electronics Technology Co., the largest military company at that time, launched the “Up to Development Plan” for cutting-edge technology mobile warriors. RX-78GP03D Gundam Trial No. 3 (Ishigaki) is developed by Anaheim Company with reference to the powerful firepower, high engine power developed by the old ZMF, and the versatility of MS. The super weapon is also the No. 3 machine in the "Up to Development Plan", and its main purpose is to defend the space base.
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the best!!!!!!