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Mini Blitz (reupload)

uploaded by merky 6 months ago

A miniature and improved version of the Blitzer, which was my first successful attempt at a vanilla machine that can clear all Ipsilon stages. With very minor modifications (e.g. adding a water cannon or a grappling hook), Mini Blitz can clear most of the other stages in other zones as well.

Like the machine it was based on, Mini Blitz has a differential steering system, adjustable suspension, dual cannons, and a main weapon – a shrapnel cannon that can be used to launch bombs or other objects.

It also comes equipped with a gripper arm that doubles as a catapult (special thanks to shi_vii for the design which I have quite shamelessly 'borrowed' from the Black Betty/Bitty Betty machines), and a rocket launcher mounted on the gripper arm.

A variant equipped with a grappling hook is available here:



Chase camera – F
Firing camera – G
Load launcher camera – H
Rocket launcher camera – R

Left wheels forwards – X
Left wheels backwards – Z
Right wheels forwards – [comma]
Right wheels backwards – [period]

Drive forwards – X + [comma]
Drive backwards – Z + [period]
Pivot left – Z + [comma]
Pivot right – X + [period]

Raise front suspension – C
Lower front suspension – V
Raise rear suspension – M
Lower rear suspension – N

Fire left cannon – 1
Fire right cannon – 2
Fire launcher/shrapnel cannon – 3
Fire rocket – 4

Gripper arm forwards – P
Gripper arm backwards – [semicolon]
Extend gripper arm – [minus]
Gripper release – 9
Catapult fling – 0 (press '9' while swinging the gripper arm to release the payload)
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