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BM-18Mk3 Jade Dancer

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 5 months ago


Arrow keys: Move
<, > - Spin Attack
N, M - Kick
Right Ctrl - Tap/ Hold to Hover

A robot that takes a inspiration from MMORPG Wushu girls and Chinese Martial arts movie, which dance like a flower with blades for more damage and a simple flail as its secondary weapon, it does kinda hard to control and sometimes it falls apart when you get too crazy and the worst was that sometimes its stabilizer breakdown making the robot unstable and immobilized.

[My Skins]
Jade Color -
? Emblem -
French Cyan -
Lime Color -
Bracecube Black -
Cold White -
DarkGraySteel -

[Skin from others]
Tank Armor by Petrus1904 -
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