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BM-Type18 Pixie "The Kebab Maker"

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 5 months ago


Arrow Keys - Move
Right Ctrl - Tap or Hold to Hover
<, > - Normal Attack
N, M - Heavy Attack
? - Flamethrower

This Melee robot build has four arms which both armed with blades and also armed with a flamethrower to improve its combat capability, but there's a little bit of downside on this big boy, he always wiggle due to its extra arms at the back, there's a 95% that one sword to be disarmed when you get too rushed of slicing your opponent, but its still kind of a nice melee robot, I hope you like it and have a nice day.

[My Skins]
GreenDarkGray -
FatigueGreen -
Lime Color -
Cold White -
DarkGraySteel -

[Skin from others]
Simple Models by Ocealot11 -
Tank Armor by Petrus1904 -
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