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AR-B100 Skycrawler

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago

this is actually an improved version of the Ar-B100 Zb3
it carries 8 bombs and with 2 x2 powerded cannons which only purpose is shooting down from the sky
it has 2 different types of drive´s
1st. Rocket engines(which are timed in 2 stages)
2st. and just some prop´s inside the rocket drive´s
i wouldnt recommend to use both drives at the same time since u wont be able to turn..... i mean it still works.....but the plane would get this fast that even the turns will be like fying straight.....(prob did the rocket engine too strong hehe...)
well u can also use the drives individually both are strong enuff to accelerate the plane to make it fly.
Bombs: 1,2,3,4
Pitch,Roll,Yaw: arrow keys
also for ground purposes to move the plane : [G][J]
Rocket drive: [T]
Guns: comma, perriod[C]cam[F]
used skins: jet black and bora texture
it may be prob look like the Zb4(heavy bomber) but its way different in size and more stable
posted by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago
forgot to mention that it also has an airbreak [X]