How do I use a .bsg file?

Battle Ship Destroyer mk.1

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 5 months ago

move: arrow keys
turret: m,n/comma, perriod [C]
Rocket launcher: z,u/i,o[1-6]
h,j /k,l[7-0,left bracket,right bracket]
crossbow: equals, slash/ page up, page down [V]

here we are....wanted to build smth that resembles a real destroyer....just without controllable rockets...
also i fixed the spawn issue so u will be able to play it on the new besiege versions......
was building very long on it and also tried to make it playable on newer besiege versions
also it has a less block count than the battle cruiser should work on 40-50% speed
have fun :D
used skins:

Jet Black
Weapons3 skin <----- this one can be found also in the link
u all find them at Blitsplatipus ;D

here are some skins to use ....most are from akahige

how to fix :[Long range Battlecruiser] only works on ver.0.45 the fix....also u need the no bounds mod
first click[translate mashine] click on the green arrow its should be go way up
then use ballast and put it one the bottom of the the ship use[parameter tuning] to make its ballast to x1000.00 it should be havy af now and drop very fast if u start the simulation....DONT FORGET TO TRACK THE BALLAST[click mousewheel]
when u fall up down u will see smth simmilar like the ship armor on the ground ....
track the smalles part of it... be sure u track it.... then stop the simulation
now u should be way below the creation spawn
try to delete those one by one..... be sure u delete the tracked one as last.
after all that u will get spawned back to the ship
now delte ballast and save... and the spawn is fixed :D
posted by KusanagiYuu 5 months ago
u can decide were u want to put the ballast ....aslong the ballast hits the ground straight and does not fly away... lol