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Land Rover Discovery (LR4)

uploaded by FrancisIbay 5 months ago

Hey guys
This is my LR4 creation. It is like a prototype but there will be future updates on it. it is more capable than my last upload the LRrange rover. So here are the specs

-it is a All Wheel Drive (AWD)
-Independent suspension front and back
-height adjustment like just the air suspension
-It is midheavy
-can get some speed

-It can do some offroading, because of the independent suspension it is limited to some area
-when it is in a low height settings, the handling is great when you are not off roading
-Wheel explanation can be found at my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Mercedes GWagon creation

- noramal as Up, Down, Left, Right arrow
-for height adjustment. N=lower, M=Higher

-There will be 2 rescue vehicle that I will make, Nissan Titan and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This will be the modified version but i will make also the pro4x version of the Nissan Titan and for the wrangler, I have already uploaded before.
-then there will be an offroad van and I am thinking that the Ford Transit will do. I will make the standard and offroad version of it.
-In total, 5 creations for this week

any suggestion to this LR4 creation will be an update to its next upload
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