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Ford Transit 2018 AWD

uploaded by FrancisIbay 5 months ago

Hello Guys this is may Van creation the Ford Transit. As I mention on my Land Rover Discovery 4 creation on the description, I will be making a 2 versions of a van, standard and offroad(modified) versions. This is the standard one, the offroad version will be on the next day. Still trying to make this look like a transit hehe here are the specs

-AWD all wheel drive
-powered wheels tuned for urban setting(refer to my Jeep wrangler and Mercedes GWagon Wheels explanation)
-suspension tuned are soft
-middle weight
-ground clearance low
-expected it is a long wheel base
-Very very light offroading

Controls: up down left right arrow keys

-offroad version will be uploaded on the next day
-Rescue vehicles are next as soon as the Ford transit offroad version is finish
-Rescue Vehicles: Nissan Titan and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Definitely this both will modified than the regular version
-Will be making the regular version of the Nissan Titan and make it as a pro4x
-Jeep Wrangler Rubicon regular version is already at my page. check it out
-all creations are run in 40-50% cause of the specs of my laptop :)
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