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"Wheel tank by Kriks" IV REWORK

uploaded by IVADMA 2 weeks ago

The original creation is from KriKs i only modified it , here's the link to the original :

For once i decided to try upgrading a machine that isn't mine .
Here are the main changes :

-New more powerfull canon .
-Improved turret
-More armor added on the front , sides and back of the tank
-"Composite" armor thingy added in front
-New Turret rotation / elevation system
-New coaxial machine gun ( crossbow ) added on the turret
-3 missiles launcher added on the turret
-New aiming camera with sights ( short range sights because the turret can't withstand the recoil from powerfull canons )

That's about it.

posted by IVADMA 2 weeks ago
(PS WAS MADE IN BESIEGE V0.42 ) , not sure if in latest game versions the creation's working proprely but it should i guess ..
posted by KriKs 2 weeks ago
Wow, Cool
posted by ADBOSm 1 week ago
you can add braces to the compsite armor to stop the glitch
wana see how watch that video
BESIEGE the compsite armor test
posted by IVADMA 1 week ago
Already watched it :) , the Composite armor i used on that vehicle was made a long while ago so it's not effective i just used it again because i like the looks of it
posted by ADBOS 1 week ago
posted by ADBOSm 6 days ago
if it works in v0.45
it will working 0.75
posted by ADBOSm 6 days ago
sorry it will work in 0.75
posted by IVADMA 5 days ago
Ok good :) !
posted by ADBOSm 4 days ago
ayy lamo
besiege downloads stopt for 3 days without any new uploads