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Zephyr Mk-1 Starfire

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 5 months ago


T, G/ F, H/ R, Y - Pitch/ Roll/ Yaw
Left Ctrl - Accelerate
J - Cannons
U, I - Camera Mode

[ Zero-Gravity Mode Required ]

When I saw Shade's New map I decided to make my own spacecraft for combat just for his map and it only last for about 1:39 or 1:50 minutes even how hard I try it, but at least we had another space-related build again, its design looked like a TIE Fighter from Star Wars but it looks like a prototype design of the TIE Fighter with some exposed parts like the electronics, the control modules, and its cooling systems, etc.

[Main Colors]
Cold White -
Bracecube Black -
Gold -
Green Dark Gray -
Dark Gray Steel -
Jormungandr Emblem -
Jormungand Aeronautics (Black) -
Jormungand Aeronautics (Gray) -
Solar Panel -

[Skin from others]
Tank Armor by Petrus1904 -
posted by ADBOS 5 months ago
lol it looks awesome
I cant wait until I try it =)))))
posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
theres a secret in your cannon

posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
im working on a reactive armor can you help me ?
posted by Blitsplatapus 5 months ago
@ADBOSm I think you don't need that reactive armor because when I see the showcase video of your reactive armor it's kinda easy to make as you could just add a ton of braces inside of your vehicle and it will be tough as Nokia (almost tough as Nokia) Well sorry about to say this that the reactive armor that you make was too many blocks that when you have a Vehicle with 500 blocks and when you add your reactive armor that you make which I think its about its 500 and when you added that to your vehicle it will be a total of 1000 blocks which is very laggy and painful for your PC, Since I can't help you with your reactive armor but here's a tip, when you're making a tough armored vehicles you need to add more braces or Bracecubes on it as possible just like my very old "DARVO 2 MBT" which it could resist x7 and x8 cannons within 4 shots because I realized that I added too many braces on it making it my first tough tank, So sorry about that I don't have a time for because sometimes I'm always busy like always busy so I hope you take that tips that I gave you.
posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
its only 15 blocks
posted by ADBOS 5 months ago
ive up load the reactive armor on besiege download
wana see it ?
posted by ADBOS 5 months ago
or try it ?
posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
can you build a tank with 4 trucks like these
posted by Moonengineer 4 months ago *blitsplatapus,check out this >: ]