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Cyclops - Mobile Siege Engine of Doom

uploaded by MetalHead 5 months ago

Meet Cyclops - mobile artillery, packing 20 shots of incredibly fast flaming projectiles and few other quite deadly surprises.

- fully independent suspension with almost unbreakable tracks (based on Tracker chassis)
- two simultaneously controlled crossbow Scorpio Turrets firing flaming bolts used for defense or dealing final blows
- precisely controlled breaching charge containing two bombs and two rockets for propulsion (10 seconds travel time and
detonation on demand)
- main full auto steam canon with approx 30 degree turn, packing 20 shots and sniper mode
- it does do the wheelie (kinda)
- no invincibility is required!

1 - press and hold to wake Cyclops up
(now it is ready to use)

Before firing the main canon:
2 - press to spin up the magazine
3 - press and hold to set up supports
4 - tap to engage supports
5 - press to start main firing mode

F - press to release fiery contents (and press again to stop)
6 - sniper mode (speeds up projectiles therefore increasing the range)
Left and Right Arrow Keys - aiming the main canon

To remove supports press and hold 4

Breaching charge:
L - press to launch
< and > - steering
/ - detonation (note: it will blow up automatically after 10 sec)

Scorpio Turrets:
1 and 3 - aiming
0 - press to engage fire mode
2 - hold to shoot

7 and 8 - forward (respectively left and right track)
4 and 5 - backward (respectively left and right track)

X - press to cycle through few modes

General notes:
Due to Cyclops's sheer size, I was unable to test machine beyond 50% game speed and still the projectiles on sniper mode are incredibly fast...and inaccurate. Keep that in mind, specifically due to fact that 20 shots are emptied gatling-like fast. No .bsg files were edited, besides 5 balloons on top to keep it stable and no mods were used.

Have a great fun, feel free to comment, add sugestions, modify this beast yourself and check out the rest of my creations.
MetalHead over and out.

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