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Rescue Rubicon

uploaded by FrancisIbay 1 week ago

Hey guys! This is the rescue version of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

-4x4, can be drive as 2x4 rear wheel drive
-disconnected front and rear sway bar
-Rear locker diff
-Open front diff
-Has more high ground clearance than the regular rubicon
-It is wide enough for offroading
-The power is enough
-Has roof basket and has a wheel on it
-contraption front, back and 2 in the middle
-Same wheel size
-Wheel explanation can be found on my regular rubicon and mercedes Gwagon if you are curious
-It is top heavy
-You can lower the ground clearance to make it stable on flat surface especially when turning so it wont flip easily, found in the controls section

-as normal as up down left right arrow keys
-Pressing the period button " . " to enable/toggle 4x4
-To lower ground clearance as i said earlier- "n" and "m"
-For contraption: follow sequence( wind, unwind, release from contrap)
- Front ( 1, 2, 3)
- Back (4, 5, 6)
- Center (7, 8, 9)

-Nissan Titan Pro 4x and Nissan Titan Recue version will be uploaded as soon as it gets 50 downloads. I'm still not finish creating the pro 4x and not yet started the recue version maybe this weekend
-After this two creations are uploaded, I will be making the Subaru xv Crosstrek
-Suggest vehicles down in the comments that I will make after the Crosstrek
-Take note again, I live in asia so not all vehicles are known to me especially in US but if you can give/help me ideas on the vehicle then it will be easy to to make it
-By the way, On youtube I follow the channel "The Fast Lane Car, The Fast Lane Truck, The Fast Lane Offroad and The Fast Lane Now" that what I based on my creations Ford Raptor and Ford Transit
-There will be no updates on this creation so you can do it on yourself
-you may check my other creations and sorry for the long notes
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