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uploaded by IVADMA 1 week ago

I'm better at building aircrafts than tanks but here's my last creation .
Built to be polyvalent .
It's equipped with :

- 1 main canon with X15 power ( Advice : shooting the gun while the turret is still more or less in its initial position will give way better recoil recovery than shooting with the turret turned at 90 degrees . )
- 1 turret top machine gun ( crossbow )
- 3 axial light missiles
- multiple very basic composite armor plating in front of the hull/turret giving the tank " Ok " survivability
- 1 gun aiming camera / mechanism inside the turret ( Advice : aim with the little dot but be warned : while this sight is clearly able to aim correctly at far distances , it is harder to use than my other ones and is a bit weirder since it's forged into the hull and because of that has no direct elevation system . )

I only finished it like 15 minutes ago so it's still a bit unreliable like an early WW2 Panther but most little problems will be fixed in its future versions

posted by ADBOSm 1 week ago
it looks like the russan t 50
posted by ADBOSm 1 week ago
it looks like the russian t 50
posted by ADBOSm 1 week ago
im working on the E 100 tank

posted by ADBOSm 3 days ago
ayy lamo
besiege downloads stopt for 3 days
posted by IVADMA 3 days ago
Yeah that's sad .. , this website needs more people / we need a new machine sharing website
posted by ADBOSm 1 day ago
ok ill upload the new vir of the E 100
posted by ADBOSm 1 day ago
but im still working on the E100 turret