How do I use a .bsg file?

The Fast one

uploaded by UnmodedMih 6 months ago

a) Movement:
W - Forward (Slow Speed).
S - Reverse.
A/D - Turn Left/ Right.
A+D - Normal Speed.
W+A+D - Fast Speed (May broke the track)
b) Turret Controls:
1. Main Turret:
Z/X - Turret Up/ Down.
Q/E - Turret Left/ Right.
R - Turret Shot.
F - Camera.
2. Flame thrower:
C - Shoot Flame (Hold).
T/U - Rotate Turret Up/ Down
c) Track:
H - Pull Up the track (*Need to hold after start Simulation).
G - Pull Down the track.
* Put in on Invincible Mode and it work Fantastic. You can go drifting with it. In non-Invincible Mode, the track fell of when it goes Fast, so you have to be careful with it.
posted by ADBOSm 6 months ago
posted by Moonengineer 5 months ago
prety cool