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"Arkos" mk1. [Prototype]

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 5 months ago

Well new ideas this time i decided to put some turbines on the laser battle ship(LASER MOD REQUIRED[
anyways this is well rather an early build wich means
that this still needs to improved in flying abillities
890+ Blockcount
creds goes to CCCanyon for the Turbines
anyways controls are:
unpin and start engine´s: right shift
ascend: Z
descend: X
controls: arrow keys
Vtol mode change are: left shift/strg (do not accelerate when u will may brake, wait until the turbines turned)
Turrets: n,m/comma,perriod[C]
j,k/l,back quote or Ö[V]
Btw after starting the engines its recommed to press Z immediately and stabelize the ship with the arrow keys
after all its an early build so its not perfect atm
posted by KusanagiYuu 5 months ago
oh and i forgot the controls to turn: y/r
beware its not a plane so it does not fly that well since its pretty heavy but it should work pretty well
have fun :D
posted by ADBOSm 5 months ago
is this a fling battle ship
posted by KusanagiYuu 5 months ago
@ADBOSm obv :D