How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Moonengineer 5 months ago

this is the most powerfull {cargo} tank i´ve made..if you dont like it, is because ``this is an work in progress´´,Controls:before you move press [h],move:[arrow keys to move] to go faster :[press left & right arrow keys at the same time], cannon: [c] ,Back arm: [n,m-<,>] {period & comma} HOPE YOU ENJOY.
ATTENCION: im gonna stop uploading machines for a while...Because i have a PC that can´t run besiege anymore so...BYE FOR a WHILE... : [
posted by Moonengineer 5 months ago
Good bye. ;-;
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 5 months ago
HEY HEEYY...this is my new accaunt