How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by UnmodedMih 5 months ago

Forward: Repeat Up Arrow and Down Arrow (Do it slowly, but not to slow, Trick: "Up Arrow (Wait 0.5 sec) Down Arrow (Wait 0.5 sec) Up Arrow..."
Turn Left/Right: Left Arrow/ Right Arrow.
Rotate Legs (Used to walk backward or Quick turn): T/ Y (The legs have to be Straight when Rotating)
Turret Turn Left/ Right: Left Arrow/ Right Arrow.
Turret Turn Up/ Down: Z/ X.
Turret Shoot: R
Flame Thrower: C (Hold)
Shoot Gun: V
Camera: F
* Hold "H" After start Simulation
posted by Moonengineer 5 months ago
really good

posted by UnmodedMih 5 months ago
Thanks :)
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 5 months ago
this is the most stable walker so far...or so i toght