How do I use a .bsg file?

"Arkos" mk2. [BETA]

uploaded by KusanagiYuu 1 week ago

Still in Construction !
pitch,roll,yaw: Arrow keys
left/right: y/x
Turrets: m,n/comma ,perriod[C]
h,j/k,l [V]
Ascend: page up
start engine: left shift
brake: left strg
Tips: Dont shot straight when u fly forward since those lasers are kinda stoopid to shoot there were u aim
u will prob shot urself.....welp
also the ballons will prob blow up at the start just reload the mashine and it will work
and like always
:D have fun
posted by KusanagiYuu 1 week ago
Used Skins: ArcticGrayCamo and Jet Black

posted by KusanagiYuu 1 week ago
and i didnt implement descend on purpose :P