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The moonengineer´s striker.

uploaded by M00NENG1N1EER 1 week ago

This it is my oficial creation made for air-artilery,the reason i put this name {striker} it´s because is made to ´´strike``down EVRYTHING on his way, dont mater what it is,it culd be ground machines,air,giant walkers & even anti-air machines,IT DOSEN´T MATER!...Sory, let me calm down...Cuntrols:[up arrow key to go foward] [left & right arrow keys to turn] [down arrow key to stabilise] [c] cannons, [f] first person camera. weakneses: if something hit your ballon...YOU ARE DONE ! That´s it hope you enjoy.
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 1 week ago
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posted by UnmodedMih 1 week ago
that cool
posted by M00NENG1N1EER 1 week ago
thanks :)